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Plain-text policy files are all-important in managing security. They can contain entries like these.

This permission applies to class and jar files IN the api directory, as indicated by the star symbol .

This permission however ALSO applies to SUBDIRECTORIES, indicated by the hyphen.

USER policy files like these should be located in a home directory, like this, for example.

Special syntax, Tomcat's path will be substituted for ${tomcat_home} .

The alias of a trusted entry in a keystore.


A general policy, the SYSTEM policy, is loaded in first, and then user policies are added to it. If no policy files are present, a built-in policy is used : the restrictive sandbox policy.

The system policy file's default example location.

Some of the permissions it contains.

Policy file locations are specified in the properties file .

Specifying an additional policy file at runtime .

Activating policies for a standalone program.




The SDK contains the policytool program to ease creation of policy files.


Forward slashes, because URL's.

Backward, an MSWin file.


Is translated into Unix / or MSWin \ .