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Not only methods can be synchronized.

If you want exclusive use of a Vector and be sure that no other thread can call Vector's synchronized methods, like addElement, while you're using it, code :

So, by specifying a reference to some object as synchronized, you can exclude other threads from accessing that object at that time.

This applies only to synchronized methods/blocks. Plain methods can be called by any thread, any time.


Local variables are created on the fly, inside a method, so each thread traversing that method gets its own copies of these variables !


If you want a thread to get more processing time than others, you can request
someTask.setPriority ( Thread.MAX_PRIORITY ) ;

Thread.MAX_PRIORITY = 10

Default : Thread.NORM_PRIORITY = 5



DON'T use threads in EJB !


Using threads in combination with Swing sometimes requires special measures.


stop, suspend and resume

methods have been deprecated, so you mustn't use them anymore.