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The gist.


The constructor is executed first.

A java.awt.Button is created.

In the init method, that is called next, this applet is added as a listener to the button.

This means that when the button is pressed, this applet's actionPerformed method will be called.

Initially, the button is added to the applet .....

and sized and positioned .

The button's text is changed, when pressed .

The presence of this method is not enough in itself.

A requirement is, that this class implements the java.awt.event.ActionListener interface ,....

so this class is not only an Applet,....

but also an ActionListener .....

and this is accepted by the compiler .




Because this class is also a java.awt.Container, it can contain java.awt.Components, such as Buttons, TextAreas, TextFields, Lists, Choices, etc. These can be added to a Container.