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Author : Paul Hamaker. Part of

Our class Inherit

extends the Applet class

that extends the Panel class
that extends Container
that extends Component
that extends Object.
is an Applet
is a Panel
is a Container
is a Component
is an Object.

If we call the method setBackground,...

we actually call Component's setBackground.

( This is syntactically incorrect, for explaining only )

We have INHERITED setBackground from Component.

This call is to

Container's add method.

So this one's been inherited from Container.

And so has validate .


Component is Container's

Container is Component's


Variables and constants can be inherited, too, not just methods.




Another way of putting it, is to say :
Applet that derives from
Panel etc....


is the topmost superclass. All classes, including the ones you make, derive from it.


Private methods, variables, constants are NOT inherited.

Neither are constructors.

For 'private' see the Access Lesson.