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During runtime, every instance is uniquely identifiable. We have simplified this in the picture below, by assigning a number to every instance.

An instance of SEMMAp is made, so a memory block is set aside containing not only SEMMAp's data, but also ...

Applet's, Panel's, Container's and Object's data.

An instance of Button is made ...

and referred to by SEMMAp's bt .

Button itself contains a reference to a String instance, by the name of label .

Furthermore, the memory allocated for it contains also Component's and Object's data.

A Label instance is created ...

and referred to by SEMMAp's lb .

The Label itself contains a reference to another String instance, called text.

Because Label is also a subclass of Component its memory block also contains its own Component data plus its own Object data .




Each used class's methods are in memory only once. Not to worry.


The two String instances each contain an Object data part, because the String class extends Object.


When studying the large image, it's best to inspect the SEMMAp instance first and work from there.