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Another part of JSTL is the Format Tag Library.

This is just convenient for testing, not necessary for deployment, because the browser is supposed to send a language header along with its request, based on its preferred language settings.
Ff, NS : Tools,Options,General,Languages
Opera : Tools,Preferences,General,Language
MSIE : Tools,Internet options,General,Languages

The values are Language_Country .

We will use our 'offer' bundle,...

consisting of these three property files. Notice the names :


The title's text will be automatically chosen.

Body text,...

one of these.


Current month and year, shown in the preferred language. MMMM needs to be uppercase, mmmm are minutes. Lookup java.text.SimpleDateFormat to see what pattern strings are possible.

For NL and IT the decimal-point is shown as a comma,...

2 positions trailing it.




To show amounts in the country setting's currency, you could specify 'currency' instead of 'number'. We use 'number', since we want show everyone a USD amount . Another type you can use is 'percentage'.