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Every text component already has a reference to the default keymap, containing the backspace-deletes-character-to-the-left functionality etc.

We retrieve it by issuing tf.getKeymap() and have a new javax.swing.text.KeyMap created for us. This way, the default map is our new map's parent, because we want to retain the default functionality.

We then get a KeyStroke reference for the escape key ...

and associate it in the map with our Erase instance,...

a subclass of TextAction.

It contains the actionPerformed method where we clear the textfield.

getTextComponent is a special method, that allows us to use this class for other textcomponents as well.

Ctrl-Enter in the textfield adds its text to the textarea and clears the textfield.

DON'T FORGET to install the new map.


Changes to the default keymap apply to ALL text-components. That's why we use a new one.




AbstractAction is more generic, could be used to also associate with a button or menuitem.