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This class extends javax.swing.JApplet , which extends java.applet.Applet, so it adds some capabilities to the regular Applet class.

From the same javax.swing package, we use JLabel, JTextField, JButton and JPanel .

The JApplet contains a JPanel, that we can use to add components to.
We CANNOT add components to JApplet itself !

We obtain its reference by calling JApplet's method getContentPane.

We set the layout mode of this JPanel .

And add the components to it.

Swing components, JComponent-s, can be transparent. Since we want the label to stand out, we make it opaque.


javax.swing.JButton has NOT been derived from java.awt.Button.

JButton is a

javax.swing.AbstractButton is a

javax.swing.JComponent is a

java.awt.Container .

So, there you have it, JComponent extends the familiar awt Container class and is used as a base class for most visual swing classes.